Carina Brammertz

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Ultrasonography is useful for the visualization of the spinal cord and associated structures and facilitates the safe collection of cerebrospinal fluid from the atlanto-occipital space in cattle. This technique is less stressful than the blind puncture technique because it does not require strong ventroflexion of the head. Furthermore, painful puncture of(More)
BACKGROUND Tumours of the upper respiratory tract are relatively common in cattle, but to our knowledge, there have been no reports of lymphoma of the nasal cavity. This case report describes the findings in a 22-month-old Brown Swiss heifer with T-cell lymphoma of the nasal cavity. CASE PRESENTATION The main clinical findings were lacrimation and(More)
The oesophageal groove reflex was examined in 6 milk-fed Holstein Friesian calves once weekly during the first 17 weeks of life. Additionally, the effect of different feeding methods (bucket, different nipple positions and openings), different milk temperatures (20, 30, 39, 45°C) and milk replacer concentrations (100, 125, 150 grams/litre of water) on(More)
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