Carina Alvfors

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BACKGROUND Inhibition of the Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 receptor (IGF-1R) has resulted in extensive anti-tumor effects. Picropdophyllin (PPP, AXL1717) is a small-molecule inhibitor of the IGF-1R without inhibition of closely related receptors including the insulin receptor and has shown extensive effects against a wide range of tumors in animals. PPP is(More)
Purpose Melflufen (melphalan flufenamide, previously designated J1) is an optimized and targeted derivative of melphalan, hydrolyzed by aminopeptidases overexpressed in tumor cells resulting in selective release and trapping of melphalan, and enhanced activity in preclinical models. Methods This was a prospective, single-armed, open-label, first-in-human,(More)
BACKGROUND Liposomal formulations of the anthracyclines are being developed to circumvent toxicity and prolong effect. The current study investigates the in vitro activity of a novel doxorubicin micelle formulation, containing a vehicle designed to release pharmacologically active subcomponents. MATERIALS AND METHODS The cytotoxicity of doxorubicin(More)
BACKGROUND A phase Ia/b dose-escalation study was performed to characterize the safety, efficacy and pharmacokinetic properties of the oral small molecule insulin-like growth factor-1-receptor pathway modulator AXL1717 in patients with advanced solid tumors. MATERIAL AND METHODS This was a prospective, single-armed, open label, dose-finding phase Ia/b(More)
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