Carin Fredriksson

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PURPOSE The aim of this study was to analyse the cost-effectiveness of prescribing powered mobility devices (PMDs) to elderly users. METHODS Forty-five persons participated in the pre- and post-intervention study with a follow-up at four months. All participants were prescribed a scooter model and were offered individual support to get started using the(More)
The aim of this study was to describe the everyday life experiences of 22 elderly persons with physical disabilities in Sweden. The participants were aged between 65 and 91 years. Interviews were conducted and analysed according to a qualitative research approach. Disengagement in activities and social contacts resulted in feelings of resignation and(More)
The aim of this study was to explore elderly persons' conceptions of what they expected to gain from attending day-care rehabilitation centres (DCR). A purposeful sampling procedure was employed. Interviews with 22 prospective elderly day-care patients were carried out and analysed according to a phenomenographic approach. The analysis yielded eight(More)
PURPOSE The aim was to explore the effect of using a powered mobility device (PMD) on older peoples' activity, participation and quality of life (QoL). METHOD A pre- and post-intervention design with outcome measures for activity, participation (Individually Prioritized Problem Assessment, IPPA; World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule,(More)
PURPOSE To describe the current life situation of adults with congenital limb reduction deficiencies (CLRD), living in Sweden, regarding their main daily occupation, leisure activities and self-reported general health. METHODS A cross-sectional survey was conducted using a study-specific questionnaire, sent by post. Hundred and seventeen persons with(More)
BACKGROUND In a larger action research project, guidelines were generated for how a meaningful daily life could be developed for older persons. In this study, we focused on the nurse assistants' (NAs) perspectives, as their knowledge is essential for a well-functioning team and quality of care. The aim was to learn from NAs' experiences and knowledge about(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare ADL, cognitive function, risk of pressure sores, malnutrition and falls in older people readmitted to hospital. METHODS This was a comparative study. Persons ≥ 75 years, who were readmitted to hospital, were assessed using the ADL-taxonomy and the Mini Mental State Examination. Risks of pressure sores, malnutrition and falls were(More)
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