Cari Bailey Smith

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Strips of arterial muscle were prepared from rat tail and femoral arteries and dog mesenteric arteries. All muscles developed a contracture slowly when exposed to a potassium-free solution, but relaxed rapidly when potassium was added to the bath to give a concentration as low as 0.1 mM. The slow contracture is caused by norepinephrine release from(More)
Helical strips from arteries with a rich sympathetic innervation (rat tail and femoral, and dog mesenteric arteries) develop a sustained contracture when exposed to a K-free physiological salt solution (PSS). The contracture can be blocked by phentolamine and does not occur in arteries whose nerve terminals have been destroyed with 6-hydroxydopamine. The(More)
In this study a direct quantitative comparison has been made of the effects of 5-HTP and DOPA on locomotor activity of normal control mice and of mice treated with either reserpine or iproniazid, or with reserpine and iproniazid together. Thirty-four groups of female albino mice and ninety-six groups of male albino mice were used. DOPA, but not 5-HTP,(More)
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