Carey O'Brien

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A 28-year-old woman with a mechanical aortic heart valve experienced an embolic stroke in early pregnancy after her anticoagulation therapy was changed from warfarin to heparin. This occurred despite use of a subcutaneous heparin infusion pump and optimal anticoagulation. Thromboembolism can occur in pregnant patients with mechanical heart valves despite(More)
OBJECTIVES Recent studies have indicated that bone mineral density is reduced in children with inflammatory bowel disease. The exact cause of this reduction is unclear, but it is often attributed to corticosteroid use. This study examined the prevalence of reduced bone mass in otherwise healthy children newly diagnosed with Crohn disease without previous(More)
BACKGROUND Planar bone scintigraphy (PBS) is a standard radiological technique to detect skeletal metastases from prostate cancer (PC), the addition of SPECT-CT to PBS improves its diagnostic accuracy. The aim of this study was to assess the additional value of targeted SPECT-CT with PBS in detecting skeletal metastasis form prostate cancer, considering(More)
Hyperhomocysteinemia arising from impaired methionine metabolism, and usually due to a deficiency of cystathionine beta-synthase is a significant and independent risk factor for symptomatic vascular disease. It is not known if hyperhomocysteinemia in apparently healthy asymptomatic subjects is associated with atherosclerosis and whether such a relationship(More)
BACKGROUND Inferior vena cava (IVC) filters are widely used in clinical practice to prevent large, clinically significant pulmonary emboli. Modern filters are designed to be retrievable within a specific time window; however, many become lost to follow-up. AIM To examine the insertion and retrieval patterns of IVC filters in a tertiary referral teaching(More)
OBJECTIVE To ascertain the usefulness of bone marrow and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) examinations in identifying or predicting relapse in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) before discontinuation of chemotherapy. MATERIAL AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 113 children with ALL in first continuous complete remission(More)
BACKGROUND Leg bone pain syndrome is an unusual condition associated with the use of calcineurin antagonists, initially described in patients receiving allograft transplantation. AIM To describe the first known reported case of leg bone pain syndrome in a patient with ulcerative colitis receiving cyclosporin. RESULTS Investigations revealed no(More)
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