Carel van Wijk

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Health surveys, studies on physical symptom reporting, and medical registration of physical complaints find consistent sex differences in symptom reporting, with women having the higher rates. By and large, this female excess of physical symptoms is independent from the symptom measure, response format and time frame used, and the population under study. As(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess the accuracy and measurement variability of automated lesion measurement on CT colonography in comparison with manual 2D and 3D techniques under varying scanning conditions. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study included phantoms (23 phantom objects) and patients (16 polyps). Measurement with sliding calipers(More)
In a production experiment (Experiment 1) and an acceptability rating one (Experiment 2), we assessed two factors, spatial position and salience, which may influence the production of relational descriptions (such as "the ball between the man and the drawer"). In Experiment 1, speakers were asked to refer unambiguously to a target object (a ball). In(More)
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