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As an example of cooperation between sequential processes with very little mutual interference despite frequent manipulations of a large shared data space, a technique is developed which allows nearly all of the activity needed for garbage detection and collection to be performed by an additional processor operating concurrently with the processor devoted(More)
The conjunction and disjunction rules for unless, as given in [1], are as follows. p unless q , p unless q p ∧ p unless (p ∧ q) ∨ (p ∧ q) ∨ (q ∧ q) {conjunction} p ∨ p unless (¬p ∧ q) ∨ (¬p ∧ q) ∨ (q ∧ q) {disjunction} The generalizations of these rules to arbitrary—possibly infinite—sets of unless properties is the subject of this note. These(More)
References 1] distributed.net home page. normally a loop consists of multiple function calls. However, the OCaml optimizer can in-line functions, which might mean that even for pure functional programs, function boundaries might not always serve as good safe points. Finally, even if we solve the problem of safe points, this is still not suucient, since we(More)
0 Introduction In modern treatments of predicate calculus 2], no mention is made of states or variables up until the point where substitution is introduced. There, suddenly, the abstraction that reigned before is cast to the winds, and a substitution is deened as the result of a textual replacement of variable names by expressions. It is the purpose of this(More)
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