Cardine Gaudy

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BACKGROUND Electrochemotherapy (ECT) combines intralesional injections of bleomycin with electroporation (EP), which permeabilizes tumor cells and thus increases the bleomycin efficacy at the tumor site. OBJECTIVE To assess whether EP therapy improves the local control of skin metastases of melanoma by intralesional bleomycin. The secondary objective was(More)
INTRODUCTION Only ablative methods lead to long term remission of areas affected by Hailey-Hailey disease: excision/skin graft, cryosurgery, dermabrasion... The method using the CO2 laser is a recent addition in the management of this dermatitis. We report our experience with this technique in 4 patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Carbon dioxide laser(More)
BACKGROUND Different patterns of skin ageing can be described depending on the predominant lesions, i.e. wrinkles, laxity, atrophy, senile lentigos (SLs), etc. They may correspond to different epidemiological contexts. OBJECTIVES To identify and assess the epidemiological factors for a skin ageing pattern characterized by a high density of SLs on the(More)
In patients treated for breast carcinoma, unilateral lymphedema of the upper limb is usual. However, to the authors' knowledge, lower limb lymphedema has never been reported as a complication of breast carcinoma therapy. They report here the first case of a radiation-induced constrictive pericarditis revealed by severe lower limbs lymphedema. A 60-year-old(More)
INTRODUCTION Neurological involvement is observed in 5% of cases of sarcoidosis and includes impairment of the central nervous system, the meninges, and the cranial and peripheral nerves. Besides neurological defects, cognitive impairment may be encountered ranging from isolated memory defect to dementia. EXEGESIS We report a case of neurosarcoidosis(More)
BACKGROUND Morel-Lavallée syndrome, which appears after tangential trauma of highly vascularised tissues, is characterized by closed internal degloving injuries resulting in subcutaneous fluid collection. It can cause many complications. A 42-year-old man presented with open wounds after a violent right lower extremity trauma; the wounds were sutured. One(More)
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