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MOTIVATION Phylogenetic analyses often produce thousands of candidate trees. Biologists resolve the conflict by computing the consensus of these trees. Single-tree consensus as postprocessing methods can be unsatisfactory due to their inherent limitations. RESULTS In this paper we present an alternative approach by using clustering algorithms on the set(More)
The influence of modulation transfer function (MTF) shape on computed tomographic (CT) image quality was studied by computer simulation of a recently proposed x-ray detector with a nonuniform, shaped response to radiation. The shaped detector, while maintaining a high value of limiting spatial resolution, was shown to depress MTF and signal-to-noise ratio(More)
Bone density measurement by quantitative computed tomography (QCT) commonly uses an external reference phantom to decrease scan-to-scan and scanner-to-scanner variability. However, the peripheral location of these phantoms and other phantom variables is also responsible for a measurable degradation in accuracy and precision. Due to non-uniform artifacts(More)
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