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BACKGROUND Delusions involving the internet have been reported as examples of the influence of cultural innovations on delusion formation, although there has been some debate as to whether such innovations simply affect surface content, or whether they have more substantial clinical or psychopathological implications. SAMPLING AND METHODS Four cases of(More)
BACKGROUND The DSM criteria for a delusion indicate that it should not include any beliefs held by a person's 'culture or subculture'. The internet has many examples of people reporting 'mind control experiences' (MCEs) on self-published web pages, many of which suggest a community based around such beliefs and experiences. It was hypothesized that some of(More)
BACKGROUND Unlike chronic calcific pancreatitis, obstructive pancreatitis occurs as a consequence of an obstruction or stricture in the main pancreatic duct. The purpose of this paper is to identify the best method of surgical treatment for patients with obstructive pancreatitis. METHODS Retrospective analysis of 224 patients surgically treated for(More)
The STRCP has successfully completed the CHOP planning phase with medical, nursing, rehabilitation/support guidelines lines as one component of the program. With implementation, data is being collected on guideline use and compliance as well as active PMP updating. An evaluation plan is being implemented. Hopefully with these and other activities, the role(More)
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