Cara L. Lawrence

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Questions: Is the effect of competitor density on the level of sperm competition a strong predictor of natural male gonadal allocation in a simultaneous hermaphroditic fish (Serranus tortugarum)? Is any such relationship consistent at different spatial scales? Does any variation in male gonadal allocation involve trade-offs in male and female gonadal(More)
BACKGROUND The sulfonylurea glibenclamide (Glib) abolishes the cardioprotective effect of ischemic preconditioning (IP), presumably by inhibiting mitochondrial K(ATP) channel opening in myocytes. Glimepiride (Glim) is a new sulfonylurea reported to affect nonpancreatic K(ATP) channels less than does Glib. We examined the effects of Glim on IP and on the(More)
Mongolian gerbils received lesions of either the visual cortex, pretectal nuclei, superior colliculus or a sham operation. Visual distance estimation was tested by means of a jumping task on which gerbils have previously been shown to employ motion parallax information generated by head movements. Videotaped jumps were analyzed to determine latency to jump,(More)
We report an unusual patient with evidence of Borrelia burgdorferi infection who experienced repeated neurologic relapses despite aggressive antibiotic therapy. Each course of therapy was associated with a Jarisch-Herxheimer-like reaction. Although the patient never had detectable free antibodies to B. burgdorferi in serum or spinal fluid, the CSF was(More)
double plantaris muscle: a rare anatomical variation. Int. SUMMARY: The occurrence of a unilateral second plantaris muscle was discovered during the anatomical dissection of a 47 year old female with Huntington Chorea Disease. The cadaver was found to possess bilateral plantaris muscles and a distinct anomalous muscle morphologically resembling a second(More)
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