Capucine Sassoye

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Herein we discuss band gap modification of MIL-125, a TiO2/1,4-benzenedicarboxylate (bdc) metal-organic framework (MOF). Through a combination of synthesis and computation, we elucidated the electronic structure of MIL-125 with aminated linkers. The band gap decrease observed when the monoaminated bdc-NH2 linker was used arises from donation of the N 2p(More)
A new aluminophosphate, MIL-34, is investigated from its as-synthesized structure to its calcined microporous form. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction measurements on the as-synthesized MIL-34 (Al(4)(PO(4))(4)OH x C(4)H(10)N, space group P-1, a = 8.701(3) A, b = 9.210(3) A, c = 12.385(3) A, alpha = 111.11(2) degrees, beta = 101.42(2) degrees, gamma =(More)
Two new compounds containing the title diphosphono-polyoxometalate anion and diprotonated ethylenediamine (enH(2)) or piperazine (ppzH(2)) countercations have been hydrothermally synthesized and structurally characterized ((enH(2))(4)[Mo(7)O(16)(O(3)PCH(2)PO(3))(3)].7H(2)O, triclinic, P(-)1, Z = 2, a = 10.3455(7) A, b = 13.136(1) A, and c = 20.216(3) A,(More)
The title polyanion is the first hybrid borophosphate-phenylphosphonate polyoxometalate. It was structurally characterized as its imidazolium salt, (C(3)N(2)H(5))(5)[Mo(12)O(30)(BPO(4))(2)(O(3)P-Ph)(6)].H(2)O (monoclinic, P2(1)/c, a = 22.120(3) A, b = 13.042(2) A, and c = 32.632(4) A, beta = 101.293(3) degrees ), which was synthesized hydrothermally from(More)
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