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Five interesting metal-organic nanostructures and networks, [Ni(4)(HL)(4)(bpy)(py)(H(2)O)(5)](2) x 0.5 H(2)O (1), [Co(4)(HL)(4)(bpy)(py)(H(2)O)(5)](2) x 0.5 H(2)O (2), [Ni(4)(HL)(4)(H(2)O)(7)](n) x nH(2)O (3), [Ni(4)(HL)(4)(bpy)(2)(H(2)O)(4)](n) (4), and [Cd(4)(HL)(4)(H(2)O)](n) (5), were synthesized hydrothermally [H(3)L =(More)
BACKGROUND The origin of eukaryotic histone modification enzymes still remains obscure. RESULTS Prototypic KMT4/Dot1 from Archaea targets chromatin proteins (Sul7d and Cren7) and shows increased activity on Sul7d, but not Cren7, in the presence of DNA. CONCLUSION Promiscuous aKMT4 could be regulated by chromatin environment. SIGNIFICANCE This study(More)
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