Caoilfionn Turner

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OBJECTIVE To explore the functional effects of prism adaptation training on patients with hemispatial neglect after stroke. DESIGN Observational study. SETTING Inpatient rehabilitation unit in rural Australia. PARTICIPANTS Four subjects with hemispatial neglect, recruited from consecutive admissions of patients less than 60 days poststroke. (More)
e15012 Background: Convtnl tx of organ-confined malig tumors of the prostate include: surgery, 25-45 XRT tx over 5-9 wks, HDR or LDR brachy, horm tx, or a combo. Optimal tx has never been defined in a randomized trial. The low α/β ratio for prostate cancer(PC) sug a fav response to hypofx dosing. The high degree of accuracy and real time tracking prov by a(More)
e19726 Background: This multi-institutional study analyzes QOL in pts tx with stereotactic r(SRS) to the tumor bed following gross total resection (GTR) of brain mets. Health-related qualify of life (HRQL) is defined as "the extent to which one's usual or expected physical, emotional, and social well-being are affected by a medical condition." We(More)
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