Cao Zhen-fu

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The definition of robust threshold key escrow scheme (RTKES) is proposed in this paper. Namely, in RTKES, malice escrow agency fail to obtain the system secret key or user’s secret key, even if the number of malice escrow agency is more than or equal to the value of threshold. Clearly, the problem of “user’s secret key completely depends on the trusted(More)
INTRODUCTION Xenobiotic metabolism in extrahepatic tissues has been extensively studied in vitro, but it is difficult to estimate in vivo the share of xenobiotic transformation in extrahepatic tissues for lack of a suitable approach. In this paper an in vivo rat model for assessment of extrahepatic metabolism is described, and the model was investigated(More)
Based on decisional Diffie-Hellman problem, we propose a simple proxy-protected signature scheme. In the random oracle model, we also carry out the strict security proof for the proposed scheme. The security of the proposed scheme is not loosely related to the discrete logarithm assumption but tightly related to the decisional Diffie-Hellman assumption in(More)
In 1996, Mambo et al. introduced the concept of proxy signature. However, a proxy signature only provides the delegated authenticity and doesn’t provide the confidentiality. Chan and Wei proposed a threshold proxy signcryption scheme (denoted as Chan-Wei scheme), which extended the concept of proxy signature. In this paper, the authors demonstrate Chan-Wei(More)
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