Cao Yun - Fei

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To investigate the distribution of possible novel mutations from parkin gene in variant subset of patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in China and explore whether parkin gene plays an important role in the pathogenesis of PD, 70 patients were divided into early-onset group and late-onset group; 70 healthy subjects were included as controls. Genomic DNA(More)
Image segmentation is still a crucial problem in image processing. It hasn yet been solved very well. In this study, we propose a novel multi-level thresholding image segmentation method based on PSNR using artificial bee colony algorithm (ABCA). PSNR is considered as an objective function of ABCA. The multi-level thresholds (t*1, t*2 ,...., t*n-1, t*n) are(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the optimal dosage and method of bFGF application on surgical wound for accelerating its healing. METHODS Laceration wounds on the extremities of 73 patients were served as the target. The wounds were applied with three different doses of bFGF (75 Au/cm(2), 150 Au/cm(2), 300 Au/cm(2)) and with three application methods, i.e. once a(More)
In order to study the susceptibility of murine vaginal mucosa to Candida albicans under different conditions, vaginal lavage fluid and vaginal tissue of mice were observed and compared between murine models with normal immune system (estrogen-treated mice) and immunosuppressed murine model, and between primary infection model of vaginal candidiasis and(More)
In order to research reverberations whether are chaotic in deep-sea mining environment, this paper reviews nonlinear dynamics relevant theories, the characteristic of selecting linear region is proposed for small data sets algorithm. Microtopography was detected in the simulative environment of deep-sea mining, Three kinds of typical reverberations were(More)
In order to observe neuronal toxical effect of Levodopa and investigate if using Levodopa together with Ginkgo Bilobar Extract (EGb) would be an workable method to treat Parkinson disease, rat models of Parkinson disease (PD) were made by injecting 6-OHDA stereotaxically to right side of the mesencephic ventral tegmental area (VTA) and substantia nigra pars(More)
Large cranial defects resulting from decompressive craniectomy performed for refractory intracranial hypertension after head trauma is one of the indications for cranioplasty, and this procedure is commonly performed 3 months after craniectomy. However, the large cranial defect would lead to the kinds of complications early during the phase of these(More)
In this paper, a novel algorithm for image enlargement is presented. In order to improve the quality of enlarged image, a scheme, which detects the edge directions in local images using compressed domain information and classifies the local images by edge directions into nine categories, is introduced. To each category, a low-pass filter is designed to(More)
Parkinson disease is a common in middle-aged and elderly chronic degenerative diseases of central nervous system. Current clinical practice is still represented by L-dopa dopamine replacement therapy mainly, some researchers [1,2]. Consider L-dopa has a role in neurotoxicity, recent studies [3] suggest that PD may be through apoptosis which caused a common(More)