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To Construct Developing Models of Cyclic Economy in the Tertiary Industry
Nowadays, the overall development of tertiary industry in China is lagged behind, and there are obvious diversities among the competitiveness of different provinces. Utilization rate of asset is lowExpand
Research on Competitiveness of China's Communication Equipment Manufacturing
The scale,capital operation,and technical innovation ability of the enterprises are interrelated,mutually restricted,and indi-visible to improve enterprise competitiveness.Different communicationExpand
Kill Buddha Singh
  • Cao Yin
  • Sociology, History
  • 1 December 2016
On the morning of 6 April 1927, the Jemadar of the Sikh branch in the Shanghai Municipal Police, Buddha Singh, had been shot dead by an Indian nationalist. This incident has not drawn much attentionExpand
The Innovative Study on the Retirement System in Chinese Peasants
From the point of view of policy arrangement,the paper reviews the Chinese peasant's"natural employment"from 1950's;analyses the characters of"natural employment",namely,"natural employment"is aExpand
Structural Analysis of the Abilities of Administration
The ability of administration is a concept which lies in the core position in the theory of Party building. Within the concept of the abilities of administration, this paper discusses the status andExpand
Policing the British Empire on the Bund: The Origin of the Sikh Police Unit in Shanghai
Red-turbaned Sikh policemen have long been viewed as symbols of the cosmopolitan feature of modern Shanghai. However, the origin of the Sikh police unit in the Shanghai Municipal Police has not beenExpand
An Indian Town’s Entry into the Second World War: Holding Together the Congress Party and Training Chinese Soldiers in Wartime Raj
During the Second World War, Ramgarh, a small town in northeast India, was the site of the 53rd Session of the Indian National Congress and the training centre for the Chinese Expeditionary Force. ByExpand
A Research on the Functions of Personality Training In Ideological and Political Courses
The 21st century is a competition-intensive age demanding knowledge and information.It requires its people to have not only a rich knowledge but also good virtue,colorful emotion and healthyExpand
College Students' Outlook of Success and Their Employment
College Students'outlook on success is the basic ideas and attitudes about what is success for undergraduates,what influences success,how they succeed and what the standard of success evaluationExpand
Performance and Risk Analysis of Constructing an Electronic Alliance Import Platform for Hi-tech Equipment in China
In order to satisfy the Chinese enterprises’ demand for the import of hi-tech equipment and reduction of costs during the import process, we need to construct an electronic alliance import platformExpand