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Considering the shortages of the classic MDS- MAP algorithm on localization precision and algorithm complexity, a distributional localization algorithm based on MDS had been proposed in this paper. The method of cluster was involved to build different clusters. MDS algorithm was used in every cluster for local relative coordinates, Euclidean algorithm was(More)
The paper presents a method of using single neuron adaptive PID control for adjusting system or servo system to implement timber drying process control, which combines the thought of parameter adaptive PID control and the character of neural network on exactly describing nonlinear and uncertainty dynamic process organically. The method implements functions(More)
In order to achieve low sidelobe level for an active phased array antenna, the phase and amplitude distribution of antenna aperture must satisfy design requirements by means of test and calibration. Many methods are presently available for test and calibration of aperture amplitude and phase errors. In this paper, the angle selection relationship sin/spl(More)
To investigate the influence of acid on thermal aging of oil-paper insulation, formic acid and stearic acid are added in the oil to achieve 0.3mgKOH/g. The time taken by the acid to reach balance in the oil-paper insulation is measured, under different temperature of 20°C, 70°C and 100°C, as well as different initial moisture contents(More)
Time frequency transformations have gained increasing attention for the characterization of non-stationary signals in a broad spectrum of science and engineering applications. Signals encountered in rotary machine systems can be broadly classified as being either stationary or nonstationary. This study evaluates the performance of the traditional(More)
For beam conical scanning of phased array, the existing analyses methods based on coordination transform are introduced briefly at first. Furthermore, a new coordination transform relation is proposed for the phased array with row-by-row scanning in elevation and sector scanning in azimuth. Based on the proposed transform, the scanning range are analyzed(More)
We found a 47 aa protein sequence that occurs 17 times in the Plasmodium vivax nucleotide database published on PlasmoDB. Coding sequence analysis showed multiple restriction enzyme sites within the 141 bp nucleotide sequence, and a His6 tag attached to the 3’ end, suggesting cloning vector origins. Sequences with vector contamination were submitted to(More)
Image segmentation is one of important steps on pattern recognition study in the course of wood across-compression. By comparing and studying processing methods in finding cell space and cell wall, this paper puts forward some image segmentation methods that are suitable for study of cell images of wood crossgrained compression. The method of spline(More)
Adaptive fuzzy neural network systems (AFNNS) are employed for adaptive noise cancellation using multi-sensory signal recording of the same noise source. The method based on AFNNS not only achieves the optimal reconstruction but also possesses a desired robust against the effect of uncertainties and incomplete information in signal processing. Simulation(More)
Mutations of EGFR and K-ras are biomarkers for predicting the efficacy of targeting agents in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and colorectal cancer (CRC). Data on the gene mutation status of EGFR and K-ras in Chinese patients with CRC are limited. EGFR mutations in exon 18-21 and K-ras mutations in exon 1 and 2 were detected in tumor samples from 101(More)