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This paper describes work in the StatLog project comparing classiication algorithms on large real-world problems. The algorithms compared were from: symbolic learning basis functions). Twelve datasets were used: ve from image analysis, three from medicine, and two each from engineering and nance. We found that which algorithm performed best depended(More)
Clustering data stream basically requires fast processing speed as well as quality clustering results. In this paper, some novel approaches are presented for such a clustering task using graphics processing units (GPUs), e.g., K-means-based method, stream clustering method, and evolving data stream analysis method. The common characteristics of these(More)
The aim of the Stat Log project is to compare the performance of statistical, machine learning, and neural network algorithms, on large real world problems. This paper describes the completed work on classification in the StatLog project. Classification is here defined to be the problem, given a set of multivariate data with assigned classes, of estimating(More)
  • LOGICPROGRAMSStephen Muggleton, Cao Feng
  • 1990
Recently there has been increasing interest in systems which induce rst order logic programs from examples. However, many diiculties need to be overcome. Well-known algorithms fail to discover correct logical descriptions for large classes of interesting predicates , due either to the intractability of search or overly strong limitations applied to the(More)
Evidence for image classiication can be considered to come from two sources: traditional statistical information derived algorithmically from image data, and model-based evidence arising from previous expertise and experience in a given application domain. This paper presents a study of classiication techniques based on both these sources (traditional(More)
In this paper, we use the polynomial function and Chaum's RSA (Rivest, Shamir, Adleman) blind signature scheme to construct a secure anonymous internet electronic voting scheme. In our scheme, each vote does not need to be revealed in the tallying phase. The ballot number of each candidate gets is counted by computing the degrees of two polynomials'(More)
Many different types of Mesoscale Ocean Eddies have been found in China’s coastal and offshore since the 1970s. Domestic and foreign scholars are holding ongoing in-depth investigation and research in the South China Sea, especially since the TOPEX / Poseidon (T / P) data have been widely used. Due to the complex causes and numerous affecting factors of the(More)
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