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Defects inside insulation of HV XLPE cable accessories can lead to partial discharge (PD) activity. When PD activity happens, leakage current may flow through the grounded line. To acquire the PD current signal, one practicable and effective method is placing a high frequency current transformer (HFCT) winding the grounded line. In order to measure the(More)
The application of adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) to the partial discharge (PD) pattern recognition is presented in this paper. Four types of defect models are made according to the main reason of insulation failures in real power system. Experiments are carried out to acquire the sample data, from which eight statistical features are(More)
In high voltage power cable system, partial discharge (PD) is a common phenomenon which reflects the degradation of insulation. When partial discharge happens inside the cable, leakage current will flow through the grounded conductor. To couple the partial discharge current, one feasible and effective method is placing a clamp-on high frequency current(More)
In the contribution, the authors applied the Multi-Agent methodology to the partial discharge (PD) online diagnosis for high voltage apparatus, and a PD diagnosis Multi-Agent system for high voltage apparaus was implemented. Based on the investigation of problems existing in partial discharge detection and evaluation, such as preprocessing, features(More)
Partial discharge (PD) events happen inside the power cables and cable terminations with the insulation degradation. The PD detection can effectively supply the information of cable status. According to the electrical and electromagnetic emission of PD activities, high-frequency transformer (HFCT) and ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) methods are employed to detect(More)
Today the sensitive measurement of partial discharge (PD) signals in XLPE cable can be an important element for quality assurance and diagnostics in the factory and during the on-site test procedure. The results clearly indicate that PD analysis of XLPE cable is an excellent online tool to assess its dielectric condition. However, as the serious(More)
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