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We developed a generalized technique to characterize polymer-nanopore interactions via single channel ionic current measurements. Physical interactions between analytes, such as DNA, proteins, or synthetic polymers, and a nanopore cause multiple discrete states in the current. We modeled the transitions of the current to individual states with an equivalent(More)
Electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy's affinity for detecting paramagnetic free radicals, or spins, has been increasingly employed to examine a large variety of biochemical interactions. Such paramagnetic species are broadly found in nature and can be intrinsic (defects in solid-state materials systems, electron/hole pairs, stable radicals in(More)
In this paper a procedure for deconvolving signals in a Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) framework is applied to the estimation of impulse responses of fast-fading communications channels. Specifically, the effects of using several different wavelets on the performance of such wavelet-domain channel estimation is investigated. Monte Carlo simulations are(More)
Wave scattering by a potential step is a ubiquitous concept. Thus, it is surprising that theoretical treatments of ballistic transport in nanoscale devices, from quantum point contacts to ballistic transistors, assume no reflection even when the potential step is encountered upon exiting the device. Experiments so far seem to support this even if it is not(More)
In this paper the strategy of Minimum Mean-Squared Error (MMSE) equalization of Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) coefficients of received signals is applied in communications receivers. Specifically, the performance of such wavelet-based receivers under a diverse range of conditions is systematically evaluated with the use of Monte Carlo simulations. To(More)
Biological and solid-state nanometer-scale pores are the basis for numerous emerging analytical technologies for use in precision medicine. We developed Modular Single-Molecule Analysis Interface (MOSAIC), an open source analysis software that improves the accuracy and throughput of nanopore-based measurements. Two key algorithms are implemented: ADEPT,(More)
An inconsistent boundary condition in eq 2 was corrected. This change does not in any way alter the results or the conclusions of the paper. Page1549, column1, line11. The text reads as follows: “In Laplace space, each transition is modeled with a Heaviside step function, Rp(s) =ΔRp/s, whereΔRp is the instantaneous change in pore resistance, per unit time.(More)
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