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A hierarchical classification matching scheme for fractal image compression is proposed in this paper. This scheme reduces the encoding time dramatically by partitioning the domain pools hierarchically. Experimental results on standard gray scale image show that the hierarchical classification matching scheme yields much better performance over other(More)
An effective approach to vehicle detection based on region of interest is proposed. Initially, an excellent approach to region of interest determination is proposed through analyzing videos. It can eliminate environmental interference, and a region of interest with only vehicle and road is obtained. The method not only reduces the search range, but also(More)
  • Cangju Xing
  • 2008 Congress on Image and Signal Processing
  • 2008
An effective method for removing heavy salt-and-pepper noise is proposed in this paper. This method includes three steps. In the first step, the noise pixels are distinguished from the signal pixels; then set initial values for noise pixels; finally, compute the output. The main difference from other switch-type filters is the means to change the values of(More)
A frame interpolation algorithm for the application of low-bit-rate video coding is proposed in this paper. The global motion vectors are first estimated by computing global sum of absolute differences between frames. Then the block motion estimation is carried out according to the modified weighted correlation index criteria. The estimation is further(More)
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