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In the paper, a new implementation of a 3GPP LTE standards compliant turbo decoder based on GPGPU is proposed. It uses the newest GPU-Tesla K20c, which is based on the Kepler GK110 architecture. The new architecture has more powerful parallel computing capability and we use it to fully exploit the parallelism in the turbo decoding algorithm in novel ways.(More)
QR decomposition (QRD) has been a vital component in the transceiver processor of future multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, in which antenna configuration will be more and more flexible. Therefore, the QRD hardware architecture in the future MIMO systems should be more flexible to meet various antenna configurations. Unfortunately, the existing(More)
MIMO system is widely studied for its high performance in wireless communication, of which the THP algorithm is a bottleneck of performance. Generally the THP is implemented in ASIC for high performance, which unfortunately makes it a difficulty for system updating. Compared to the ASIC solution, configurable processing, as its inherent flexibility and(More)
With the development of maritime information technology and computer technology, wireless communication technology in underwater networks and systems has made great progress and achieved wide range of application, which greatly promoted the development of ocean communication. Due to the presence of severe frequency selective fading, fast fading and slow(More)