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Raffinose and hypotaurine improve the post-thawed Merino ram sperm parameters.
The aim of this study was to determine the effects of raffinose and hypotaurine on sperm parameters after the freeze-thawing of Merino ram sperm. Totally 40 ejaculates of five Merino ram were used inExpand
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DNA damaging effect of paclitaxel in the epididymal sperms as a chemotherapeutic agent and possible remedies to prevent this effect: A study on reproductive potential of male cancer patients of
Cancer is a major public health problem, young cancer patients therefore undergo chemotherapy, and most of them may lose their fertility. DNA damage level provides important clues about the qualityExpand
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Effect of lipoic acid on spermatological and biochemical parameters following equilibration and freeze-thawing of ram semen.
Aim:  The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of different doses of lipoic acid added into dilution extender, following equilibration and freeze-thawing of ram semen on spermatologic andExpand
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Relationship of blood and seminal plasma ceruloplasmin, copper, iron and cadmium concentrations with sperm quality in Merino rams
Abstract The aim of the current study was to investigate the concentrations of ceruloplasmin, copper, iron, zinc and cadmium concentrations in blood serum and seminal plasma obtained from Merino ramsExpand
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Integrated geophysical surveys for the subsurface mapping of buried structures under and surrounding of the Agios Voukolos Church in İzmir, Turkey
Abstract This work presents the results of the integrated usage of geophysics in the Agios Voukolos Church, one of the unique Orthodox constructions in Izmir. The surveys had two main objectives: toExpand
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Effects of arginine and trehalose on post-thawed bovine sperm quality.
The present study was conducted to examine the protective role of arginine and trehalose on post-thaw bull sperm and oxidative stress parameters. Five ejaculates for each bull were used in the study.Expand
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Integrated geophysical investigations at a sacred Hittite Area in Central Anatolia, Turkey
In this paper, an integrated geophysical investigation of a sacred area in the archaeological site of Sapinuwa is presented. Sapinuwa was one of the important cities in the Hittite Empire. TheExpand
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