Candy Löwenberg

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The ability of hydrophilic chain segments in polymer networks to strongly interact with water allows the volumetric expansion of the material and formation of a hydrogel. When polymer chain segments undergo reversible hydration depending on environmental conditions, smart hydrogels can be realized, which are able to shrink/swell and thus alter their volume(More)
UNLABELLED The extracellular matrix (ECM) is a nano-structured, highly complex hydrogel, in which the macromolecules are organized primarily by non-covalent interactions. Here, in a biomimetic approach, the decorin-derived collagen-binding peptide LSELRLHNN was grafted to hyaluronic acid (HA) in order to enable the formation of a supramolecular hydrogel(More)
Gelatins functionalized with desaminotyrosine (DAT) or desaminotyrosyl tyrosine (DATT) form physically crosslinked hydrogels, due to the interactions between the introduced aromatic moieties and gelatin triple helices, whose extent depends on the thermal treatment of the material. The G-modulus of these hydrogels can be tailored to the range of the natural(More)
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