Candon McLean

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Regulation of the rapid compensatory growth seen in the remaining adrenal gland of rats following unilateral adrenalectomy is poorly understood. The role of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) is obscure as immunoneutralization of circulating ACTH does not affect the observed compensatory growth or hyperplasia. This finding, together with the fact that(More)
Fox (Mesquakie), which is a member of the Algonquian family, is spoken by around 800 speakers in Iowa, on the Kansus-Nebraska border, and in central Oklahoma (Lyovin 1997: 314). This language has two distinct patterns of reduplication 1,2 illustrated in (1): monosyllabic reduplication, which expresses continuative or habitual aspect, and bisyllabic(More)
1. Introduction It is well-known that size of the stems in Sino-Japanese (SJ), one of the lexical strata in Japanese, is severely restricted. According to the Richness of the Base hypothesis (Prince & Smolensky 1993), such size restriction phenomena must be treated not by the constraints/rules held in the input, but by interaction of a set of constraints(More)
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