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Amino acids and dextrose infusion were given for short periods of time to a young man whose basal state is characterized in the previous paper in this series, and their effects were documented in terms of plasma concentrations and splanchnic extraction. The basal state measurements show in the acute trauma state and its subsequent starvation state a largely(More)
Tissue carnitine levels have been measured in man and the dog. Skeletal muscle carnitine levels rise in the dog with starvation to roughly twice the normal level. An equal degree of starvation plus peritonitis is associated with unchanged skeletal muscle carnitine levels. In the presence of peritonitis, sequential skeletal muscle biopsies show a progressive(More)
WNT5A is a secreted ligand involved in Wnt pathway signaling and has a role in cell movement and differentiation. Altered WNT5A expression is associated with various cancers, although in most studies the focus has been on only one of the known WNT5A isoforms. In this study, we analyzed expression from two of the major WNT5A promoters, termed promoter A and(More)
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