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Treatment-resistant obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) patients from around the United Kingdom who employed computer-guided self-help by using BTSteps over 17 weeks were randomized to have brief live phone support from a clinician either (1) in nine Scheduled clinician-initiated calls or (2) only in calls Requested by the patient (n=22 per condition). Call(More)
Even though individuals with psychiatric conditions have a prevalence of smoking approximately 2-4 times greater than the general population, surprisingly little evidence exists to inform an assessment of the full range of tobacco-related mortality in such populations. The current study aims to provide mortality estimates for conditions causally related to(More)
OBJECTIVE It is well recognized that mental health service recipients experience high rates of cardiometabolic disorders, have poorer diets, and exercise less than the general population. This study sought to explore the meaning of a healthy lifestyle for this population and the barriers they experience to healthy living. METHOD Focus groups were(More)
OBJECTIVE Mental health service users experience high rates of cardiometabolic disorders and have a 20-25% shorter life expectancy than the general population from such disorders. Clinician-led health behavior programs have shown moderate improvements, for mental health service users, in managing aspects of cardiometabolic disorders. This study sought to(More)
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