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the conditional probability of finding a particle at position x after time t with the particle located for t ϭ 0 at x ϭ 0. In Fig. 3A, we show the result of p(x, t) for ⌫ ϭ 4 at four different times, which are all greater than t c. Self-diffusion of particles causes p(x, t) to broaden with time. Despite the simplicity of the physical situation describing SF(More)
We evaluated the biogeochemical cycling and relative greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation potential of proposed biofuel feedstock crops by modeling growth dynamics of Miscanthus 9 giganteus Greef et Deuter (miscanthus), Panicum virgatum L. (switch-grass), Zea mays L. (corn), and a mixed prairie community under identical field conditions. DAY-CENT model(More)
Current biofuel feedstock crops such as corn lead to large environmental losses of N through nitrate leaching and NO emissions; second-generation cellulosic crops have the potential to reduce these N losses. We measured N losses and cycling in establishing miscanthus (), switchgrass ( L. fertilized with 56 kg N ha yr), and mixed prairie, along with a corn ((More)
This paper discusses methods for obtaining image reconstructions from electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectra which constitute object projections. An automatic baselining technique is described which treats each spectrum consistently; rotating the non-horizontal baselines which are caused by stray magnetic effects onto the horizontal axis. The(More)
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