Candice L. King

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Activating mutations in genes of the Ras-mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway occur in approximately 30% of all human cancers; however, mutation of Ras alone is rarely sufficient to induce tumour development. Scribble is a polarity regulator recently isolated from a Drosophila screen for events that cooperate with Ras mutation to promote tumour(More)
Manganese is a neurotoxin causing Manganism in individuals chronically exposed to elevated levels in their environment. Toxic manganese exposure causes mental and emotional disturbances, and a movement disorder similar to Idiopathic Parkinsons Disease. Manganese interferes with dopamine neurons involved in control of body movements. Recently,(More)
We examined effects of manganese on the nervous system and innervation of lateral cilia of Crassostrea virginica. While essential in trace amounts, tissue manganese accumulation is neurotoxic, inducing Manganism, a Parkinson's-like disease in humans. Lateral cilia of the gill of C. virginica are controlled by a reciprocal serotonergic-dopaminergic(More)
The differences in efficacy and molecular mechanisms of platinum anti-cancer drugs cisplatin (CP) and oxaliplatin (OX) are thought to be partially due to the differences in the DNA conformations of the CP and OX adducts that form on adjacent guanines on DNA, which in turn influence the binding of damage-recognition proteins that control downstream effects(More)
A procedure is described for conditioning a vertical jump avoidance response in rats. Employing an auditory signal and gradually increasing the height of the response platform, rats showed rapid acquisition of a jump response to avoid shock. While the average maximum height of the jump response increased between original training and retraining 7 days(More)
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