Candice Hudson

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Mortality from leukaemia under age 25 was studied in British New Towns to test the hypothesis that leukaemia represents a rare response to a much commoner (but unrecognised) infection, the transmission of which is facilitated when large numbers of people come together. The density of children was higher in the rural, but lower in the overspill, New Towns(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if any excess of childhood leukaemia was associated with the large and increasing numbers of national military servicemen in 1949 and 1950, particularly in rural districts. This would be a further test of the hypothesis that childhood leukaemia can originate in an infection, the transmission of which is facilitated by an increased(More)
We collected 50 three-toed box turtles (Terrapene carolina triunguis) from 9 counties of Arkansas and 4 counties of Oklahoma, and examined their feces for coccidial parasites. Nine of 24 (38%) turtles from Arkansas and 8 of 26 (31%) from Oklahoma were found to be passing oocysts of Eimeria ornata. This represents two new geographic distributional records(More)
OBJECTIVE Staff burnout is a frequent problem for mental health providers and may be associated with negative outcomes for providers, consumers, and organizations. This study tested an intervention to reduce staff burnout. METHODS Community mental health providers were invited to participate in a day-long training session to learn methods to reduce(More)
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