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The Evolution of Spanish State Feminism: a Fragmented Landscape
Spanish feminism has been typified by fragmentation during the last decade between women’s policy agencies and women’s movement actors. During the 1980s and 1990s, Spain experienced federalizationExpand
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Terrorism and Violent Conflict: Women's Agency, Leadership, and Responses
Introduction.- WOMEN AS VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE AND TERRORISM.- Gendercide.- The Individual Terrorist.- Civil Society and Terrorism.- Women Elites and Terrorism.- Women's and Men's Public Opinion andExpand
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Politics Close to Home: The Impact of Meso-Level Institutions on Women in Politics
Scholars recognize a worldwide increase in decentralization as well as the prevalence of multilevel governance in Europe. This article examines the advantages and disadvantages that meso-levelExpand
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Women defining terrorism: ethnonationalist, state, and machista terrorism
This article explores definitions of terrorism according to various women in the Basque regions of Spain and France. We ask how women in social movements and government institutions define terrorism,Expand
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Jumbled Women's Activism: Subnational And International Influences On Galician Equality Politics
Abstract International perspectives regarding gender equality have materialized in Galicia, the most northwestern region of Spain. This article examines how international and subnational factors haveExpand
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Subnational Politics in Spain: New Avenues for Feminist Policymaking and Activism
In this article, I evaluate how subnational governments pursue feminist policy outputs. To do so, I examine equality policies in the Spanish regions of Andalusia and Galicia during the 1980s andExpand
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Fieldwork, Identities, and Intersectionality: Negotiating Gender, Race, Class, Religion, Nationality, and Age in the Research Field Abroad: Editors' Introduction
Political scientists who have conducted research abroad experience excitement as well as great disappointment. Meeting and utilizing the help of knowledgeable, responsive interviewees can beExpand
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The domestic determinants of transnational activity: : an examination of women's groups in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany
We examine the degree to which national political setting, namely domestic political opportunity structures, influences the transnational activities of women's groups in the United Kingdom, France,Expand
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Women as Victims of Violence and Terrorism
The media often portray women as caught up in a situation of terrorism—not as protagonists but as bystanders or victims. Osama bin Laden’s wives, discussed in Chap. 1, are often discussedExpand
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Embodied Researchers: Gendered Bodies, Research Activity, and Pregnancy in the Field
We discuss how physical appearance, endurance, health, and motherhood status present advantages and disadvantages to female political scientists doing fieldwork abroad.
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