Candace Zettler

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MicroRNAs comprise a family of small non-coding RNAs that modulate several developmental and physiological processes including pregnancy. Their ubiquitous presence is confirmed in mammals, worms, flies and plants. Although rapid advances have been made in microRNA research, information on stable reference genes for validation of microRNA expression is still(More)
A 25 GeV electron (or positron) storage ring installed in the SPS tunnel above the proton synchrotron would provide e-p collisions with a luminosity in the range of 1031 to lO32 cm-' s-1. The collisions would normally take place at an intermediate plateau of the SPS-cycle up to 270 GeV, and could be followed by acceleration and extraction of the proton beam(More)
A design is presented for 400 GeV proton-proton storage rings to be added to the CERN SPS. An electron (20-25 GeV) ring is also foreseen and possibilities for antiproton-proton collisions. Eight interaction regions are planned (six for p-p and two for e-p) with high luminosity and good flexibility for physics experiments.
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