Candace Gibson

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To understand the functional roles of protein kinase A (PKA) during vegetative and differentiating states of Giardia parasites, we studied the structural and functional characteristics of the regulatory subunit of PKA (gPKAr) and its involvement in the giardial encystment process. Molecular cloning and characterisation showed that gPKAr contains two tandem(More)
Increasing enrollment in post-secondary institutions across North America, along with an increase in popularity of and demand for distance education is pressuring institutions to offer a greater number and variety of courses online. A fully online laboratory course in microscopic anatomy (histology) which can be taught simultaneously with a face-to-face(More)
We describe and report on a study away course held in the spring of 2015 that brought computer science students from a Midwestern university to visit companies in the Bay Area in California as part of their study of agile software development. While it may be a sufficient goal to offer study away as an encouragement for future participation in study abroad(More)
In recent years, the word "collaboration" has attained the intensity of thunder: all tirelessly speak or write of it, although only few truly practice it. Yet, both technological and conceptual foundations for consequential collaboration exist: while Mark Zuckerberg proposes to connect 6 billion people through Facebook, the virtual reality (VR) platforms(More)
Several different primer-probe chemistries have been produced commercially for real-time PCR detection and quantification of cytomegalovirus, but there are few studies evaluating their relative performance. We assessed three such commercial reagents with respect to analytical and clinical operating characteristics. The samples included 149 clinical whole(More)
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