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As a primary limiting factor in arid and semiarid regions, precipitation strongly influences soil microbial properties. However, the patterns and mechanisms of soil microbial responses to precipitation have not been well documented. In this study, changes in soil microorganisms along an experimental precipitation gradient with seven levels of precipitation(More)
In cellular manufacturing, it is essential to focus on human issues such as worker assignment strategies, skill identification, teamwork and communication. In order to analyze the impact of collaborative work in cellular manufacturing, agent model of workers was developed and integrated into the production simulation model. Then, comparative simulation(More)
Impaired automatic emotion regulation (AER) is closely related to major depressive disorder. Our research in adults has identified two AER-related components, Go N2 and NoGo P3, in an implicit emotional Go/NoGo paradigm. However, it is unclear whether Go N2 and NoGo P3 reflect the development of AER in adolescents and the relationship of these components(More)
Efficient order selection strategy design is crucial for the successful execution of order tasks in supply chain, especially when supply chain members faced with multiple types of order at the same time, which will directly affect the customer satisfaction level. Aiming at order selection strategy design and evaluation, an integrated simulation model was(More)
This paper devoted to propose a human-machine integrated simulation method to evaluate the effect of corrective maintenance (CM) strategies on manufacturing cells considering the worker's autonomous and collaborative behaviors. First, a human-machine integrated model is developed to integrate the worker behaviors in the CM process by using agent technology.(More)
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