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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a specialized synovial joint that is essential for the movement and function of the mammalian jaw. The TMJ develops from two mesenchymal condensations, and is composed of the glenoid fossa that originates from the otic capsule by intramembranous ossification, the mandibular condyle of the temporal bone and a(More)
Chaihu-Shugan-San (CSS) is a traditional Chinese herbal formula that is widely used for treating perimenopausal symptoms in China; however, its mechanisms remain unknown. The present study was designed to investigate potential CSS mechanisms in rats with unpredicted chronic mild stress (UCMS) and normally aging rats (52 weeks of age). We performed the(More)
Quercetin (a natural polyphenolic compound) is a polyphenolic flavonoid compound found in a variety of plants. It has been demonstrated to exert cytostatic activity against a variety of human cancer cell lines, including the human osteosarcoma cell line, MG-63. However, its effects on osteosarcoma cell apoptosis are still undefined. The present study was(More)
Icariin, the main active compound of the traditional Chinese medicine, Epimedium, is commonly used for the clinical treatment of osteoporosis. However, the precise molecular mechanism of the therapeutic effect of icariin has not been elucidated. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of icariin on cell viability, alkaline phosphatase (ALP)(More)
Gallic acid (GA), a natural agent, is widely distri-buted in plants with a range of biological effects and has been of potential interest as anticancer agent. However, its effects on chondrosarcoma cell apoptosis are still undefined. In the present study, the possible mechanisms of GA-induced apoptosis were explored in SW1353 cells, a human chondrosarcoma(More)
Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a common disorder that can disturb the health and quality of life of females. However, the basic pathophysiology and underlying mechanism of POP are not fully understood. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (TIMPs) have been reported to be associated with the onset and development of(More)
The effects of Buchang Naoxintong Capsules (BNCs) on S-mephenytoin 4'-hydroxylation activities in human liver microsomes in vitro were assessed. Human liver microsome was prepared by different ultracentrifugation. Human liver microsome incubation experiment was carried out to assay BNC on S-mephenytoin 4'-hydroxylation activities. The 4'-hydroxylation of(More)
Telomeres are protective chromosomal structures that play a key role in preserving genomic stability. Telomere length is known to be associated with ageing and age-related diseases. To study the impairment of telomeres induced by drug abuse, we conducted an association study in the Chinese Han population. Multivariate linear regression analyses were(More)
BACKGROUND Morphine has been widely used as a clinical anesthetic and analgesic. However, abuse of morphine might result in psychological and physiological dependence. Previous studies have indicated that memory mechanisms play critical roles in morphine dependence. METHODS Morphine dependence was established in mice utilizing place preference(More)
To seek a method and its potential algorithm of the differentiation of the health status and the intelligent decision for the road-line of the transformation among different healthy status, three procedures were designed: 1. Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents were tree-shape-like structured and modeled from a kind of rule for the distribution of(More)