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Browsing (surfing) the World Wide Web (the web) has exploded onto the Internet with an unprecedented popularity. Fueled by massive acceptance, the web client/server technology is leaping forward with a speed that competes with no other software technology. The primary force behind this phenomenon is the simplicity of the web browsing experience. People who(More)
In vascular medicine, wound care requires pluridisciplinary expertise and nursing skill. Care must be perfectly adapted to each individual patient, the specificities of each particular wound, and the underlying vascular disease. The goal is to achieve wound healing. Inappropriate care can retard healing or even aggravate the wound. The skin should be(More)
Can You Leave High School Behind? In recent years, many states, including California, Texas, and Oregon, have changed admissions policies to increase access to public universities for students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. A key concern, however, is how these students will perform. This paper examines the relationship between high school quality and(More)
This experiment used the McGurk effect to test the influence of identity on audiovisual speech. Participants recorded disyllables which were used to create McGurk stimuli. These stimuli were further manipulated so that the facial and vocal identities in each were either from the same speaker (matched) or from two different speakers (mismatched). When(More)
Bir kas hücresi içindeki liflerin odacıkları sayısını artırmak için yapılan fiziksel çalışmalardan dolayı oluşan elektriksel ve kimyasallardan oluşunu izah eden mekanizmaları çok iyi biliyoruz. Ancak beyin düzenimizi esnekliğini ve öğrenmeye yatkınlığını artıran ya da daha mükemmelleştirmek için yapılan çalışmalar yeterli seviyeye ulaşamamıştır. Yapılan(More)
Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) is generally considered to be an adaptive response that allows for normal ejection fraction despite abnormal pressure and/or volume load.1 However, this adaptation is associated with increased cardiac morbidity and mortality, including acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, arrhythmia, and stroke.2–4 Insight into the(More)
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