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The Transporter Classification Database (TCDB) is a web accessible, curated, relational database containing sequence, classification, structural, functional and evolutionary information about transport systems from a variety of living organisms. TCDB is a curated repository for factual information compiled from >10,000 references, encompassing approximately(More)
TC-DB is a comprehensive relational database containing structural, functional and evolutionary information about transmembrane transport proteins. The database contains factual material extracted from more than 9000 references, covering approximately 3000 representative proteins, classified into over 400 families. TC-DB is the primary resource allowing(More)
The problem of inhibiting viral DNA ejection from bacteriophages by multivalent counterions, specifically Mg(+2) counterions, is studied. Experimentally, it is known that MgSO(4) salt has a strong and nonmonotonic effect on the amount of DNA ejected. There exists an optimal concentration at which the minimum amount of DNA is ejected from the virus. At lower(More)
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