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According to the rotational invariance of Harris corner detector and the robustness of Sift descriptor. An improved Harris-Sift corner descriptor was proposed. At first, the algorithm given multi-scale strategy to Harris corner, improved corner counting method and removed redundant points at the same time, then, the corner was directly applied to low-pass(More)
We consider the propagation of a partially coherent spatial beam in both self-focusing and self-defocusing nonlinear media. Using a Gaussian-Schell model, we derive an equation governing the width of highly incoherent beams as they propagate in both types of media and confirm its validity by using numerical simulations. Experiments performed in a biased(More)
We study the over-focusing of spatial light beams due to self-focusing nonlinearity, in both local and nonlocal nonlinear media. Numerical simulation of both cases reveals a peaked profile, with a near-cusp at the center surrounded by exponentially-decaying tails, at a critical self-focusing power. The profile is a local effect, occurring as diffraction(More)
Understanding the interactions between graphene and biomolecules is of fundamental relevance to the area of nanobiotechnology. Herein, we take l-cysteine as the probe biomolecule and investigate its adsorption on pristine graphene and B-, N-, Al-, Ni-, Ga-, Pd-doped graphene using density functional theory calculations. Three kinds of upright adsorption(More)
  The present study focuses on the effect of Ca-alginate gel on aerobic sludge granulation. Three sequencing batch reactors (SBRs) seeded with different mixtures of Ca-alginate gel and activated sludge with the fraction (weight/weight of dry biomass) of 0%, 5.5%, and 15.5%, respectively. The granulation time of 14 days was obtained with 5.5% additive, while(More)