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To evaluate the performance parameter of a new vertical-axis spiral wind rotor with two end plates and a middle plate, an experiment was carried out by using a low-speed circulation wind tunnel. The tested rotor has a height of 400mm and rotor diameter of 136mm. Under two conditions of with and without central shaft, no-load rotation speed, static torque(More)
Being subjected to a high-pressure abrasive water jet, solid samples will experience an essential variation of both internal stress and physical characteristics, which is closely associated with the kinetic energy attached to the abrasive particles involved in the jet stream. Here, experiments were performed, with particular emphasis being placed on the(More)
The concept of a vertical-axis spiral wind rotor is proposed and implemented in the interest of adapting it to air flows from all directions and improving the rotor’s performance. A comparative study is performed between the proposed rotor and conventional Savonius rotor. Turbulent flow features near the rotor blades are simulated with Spalart-Allmaras(More)
ABSTRACT The instability analysis of the liquid jet issuing into ambient air was conducted with an emphasis placed upon the evolution of surface waves of the jet. An experiment was designed to visualize the microscopic morphology on the surface of a liquid jet. A spectral method was proposed to measure wavelength from the obtained jet images. We also(More)
Rotary blood pump (RBP) is a kind of crucial ventricular assist device (VAD) and its advantages have been evidenced and acknowledged in recent years. Among the factors that influence the operation performance and the durability of various rotary blood pumps, medium property and the flow features in pump's flow passages are conceivably significant. The major(More)
In an axial-flow impeller, rotating flow with cavitation is simulated and experimentally studied with high speed photography technique. Special attention is paid to cavitation profile and its evolution near the blade leading edge. Flow field is firstly computed without cavitation model and low-pressure area is defined, then with cavitation model, the cavity(More)
To predict the operation effect of a cavitation nozzle with inner central body, geometrical model and numerical model are established. Flow fields led by different axial locations of central body are analyzed contrastively. Total pressure, velocity and turbulent kinetic energy are three focused parameters in the study. It is proved that different kinds of(More)
To elucidate transport properties of gas-liquid twophase flows with small initial void fractions in pump impeller, based on Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equations and standard kturbulent model, flow simulation in an axial flow pump impeller was carried out under different operating conditions. Hydrostatic pressure and void fraction distributions were(More)
In this paper, the lift-law method was applied to design the axial flow pump. Based on Reynolds time-averaged N-S equations and standard k turbulent model, three-dimensional air-water bubbly flow in an axial flow pump impeller was simulated. Under the condition of bubble void fraction of 5%, pressure and void fraction distributions were respectively(More)