Can Isik

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In this paper, we first show that the BCJR algorithm (or Bahl algorithm) can be implemented via some matrix manipulations. As a direct result of this, we also show that this algorithm is equivalent to a feedforward neural network structure. We verified through computer simulations that this novel neural network implementation yields identical results with(More)
This paper proposes a new method to model partially connected feedforward neural networks (PCFNNs) from the identified input type (IT) which refers to whether each input is coupled with or uncoupled from other inputs in generating output. The identification is done by analyzing input sensitivity changes as amplifying the magnitude of inputs. The sensitivity(More)
SUMMARY This paper addresses the tracking control problem of robotic manipulators with unknown and changing dynamics. In this study , nonlinear dynamics of the robotic manipulator is assumed to be unknown and a control scheme is developed to adaptively estimate the unknown manipulator dynamics utilizing generic artificial neural network models to(More)