Can Isik

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Oscillometry is an indirect method to determine blood pressure. An inflatable and deflatable cuff is placed on arm to observe oscillations at different pressure levels. Thus, an envelope obtained from the oscillations is related to the blood pressure. In our work , we extract few features from the oscillometric waveforms, and estimate blood pressure using(More)
In this paper, we first show that the BCJR algorithm (or Bahl algorithm) can be implemented via some matrix manipulations. As a direct result of this, we also show that this algorithm is equivalent to a feedforward neural network structure. We verified through computer simulations that this novel neural network implementation yields identical results with(More)
This paper proposes a new method to model partially connected feedforward neural networks (PCFNNs) from the identified input type (IT) which refers to whether each input is coupled with or uncoupled from other inputs in generating output. The identification is done by analyzing input sensitivity changes as amplifying the magnitude of inputs. The sensitivity(More)
– Indoor environmental satisfaction has been receiving considerable attention by many researchers recently. Research has indicated that allowing building occupants to adjust their local environment to their liking increases satisfaction and human performance. However, concern about the possible increase of energy consumption associated with the wide(More)