Can Fahrettin Koyuncu

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In digital pathology, devising effective image representations is crucial to design robust automated diagnosis systems. To this end, many studies have proposed to develop object-based representations, instead of directly using image pixels, since a histopathological image may contain a considerable amount of noise typically at the pixel-level. These(More)
Automated microscopy imaging systems facilitate high-throughput screening in molecular cellular biology research. The first step of these systems is cell nucleus segmentation, which has a great impact on the success of the overall system. The marker-controlled watershed is a technique commonly used by the previous studies for nucleus segmentation. These(More)
Automated cell imaging systems facilitate fast and reliable analysis of biological events at the cellular level. In these systems, the first step is usually cell segmentation that greatly affects the success of the subsequent system steps. On the other hand, similar to other image segmentation problems, cell segmentation is an ill-posed problem that(More)
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