Can Erdogan

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With the advent of affordable RGBD sensors such as the Kinect, the collection of depth and appearance information from a scene has become effortless. However, neither the correct noise model for these sensors, nor a principled methodology for extracting planar segmentations has been developed yet. In this work, we advance the state of art with the following(More)
The RoboCup robot soccer Small Size League has been running since 1997 with many teams successfully competing and very effectively playing the games. Teams of five robots, with a combined autonomous centralized perception and control, and distributed actuation, move at high speeds in the field space, actuating a golf ball by passing and shooting it to aim(More)
In this paper we present an approach for creating complete shape representations from a single depth image for robot grasping. We introduce algorithms for completing partial point clouds based on the analysis of symmetry and extrusion patterns in observed shapes. Identified patterns are used to generate a complete mesh of the object, which is, in turn, used(More)
On the path to full autonomy, robotic agents have to learn how to manipulate their environments for their benefit. In particular, the ability to design structures that are functional in overcoming challenges is imperative. The problem of automated design of functional structures (ADFS) addresses the question of whether the objects in the environment can be(More)
Robots are inherently limited by constraints on their motor power, battery life, and structural rigidity. Using simple machines and exploiting their mechanical advantage can significantly increase the breadth of a robot's capabilities. In this work, we present an autonomous planner which allows a robot to determine how arbitrary rigid objects in its(More)
Mobile manipulators and humanoid robots should have the ability to use objects in their environments. Previous work has shown significant advantages to robots that can remove objects that interfere with their goal. We propose the next step. Just like the fictional character `MacGyver,' robots should construct simple machines and tools from arbitrary(More)