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Ballistic conductance fluctuations were measured in a GaAs quantum dot as a function of shape distortion and magnetic field. Shape distortion provides a novel source of conductance fluctuations and creates an effective “ensemble of dots,” allowing statistics to be studied at fixed field. Continuous changes in fluctuation statistics due to breaking of(More)
Individual quantum dots are often referred to as "artificial atoms." Two tunnel-coupled quantum dots can be considered an "artificial molecule." Low-temperature measurements were made on a series double quantum dot with adjustable interdot tunnel conductance that was fabricated in a gallium arsenide-aluminum gallium arsenide heterostructure. The Coulomb(More)
A quantum pumping mechanism that produces dc current or voltage in response to a cyclic deformation of the confining potential in an open quantum dot is reported. The voltage produced at zero current bias is sinusoidal in the phase difference between the two ac voltages deforming the potential and shows random fluctuations in amplitude and direction with(More)
We report measurements of mesoscopic fluctuations of Coulomb blockade peaks in a shapedeformable GaAs quantum dot. Distributions of peak heights agree with predicted universal functions for both zero and nonzero magnetic fields. Parametric fluctuations of peak height and position, measured using a two-dimensional sweep over gate voltage and magnetic field,(More)