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Scattering and Imaging with Diffusing Temporal Field Correlations.
Analysis of the transport of the electric field temporal autocorrelation in heterogeneous, fluctuating turbid media reveals that the field correlation scatters from macroscopic dynamical heterogeneities within turbidMedia. Expand
From above threshold ionization to statistical electron emission: the laser pulse-duration dependence of C60 photoelectron spectra
The photoelectron spectra of C60 ionized using a 790 nm laser with pulse durations varying from 25 fs to 5 ps have been determined and the well-known phenomenon of delayed (&mgr;s) ionization is observed. Expand
Demonstration of a soft x-ray amplifier.
Using three time-resolved, spectroscopic measurements, observations of amplified spontaneous emission at soft x-ray wavelengths are reported and gain-length products up to 6.5 and gain coefficients of 5.5 are demonstrated. Expand
Direct measurement of conjugated polymer electronic excitation energies using metal/polymer/metal structures.
We report electroabsorption measurements of built-in electric fields and internal photoemission measurements of Schottky barriers to determine the charge transfer and single-particle energy gaps ofExpand
Boron carbide structure by Raman spectroscopy.
Comparison of boron carbide Ramen spectra with the Raman spectra of {alpha}-rhombohedralboron, borons phosphide, and bor on arsenide has confirmed the following structural model derived from theoretical considerations and electrical and thermal transport data. Expand
Direct measurement of the damping of toroidicity-induced Alfvén eigenmodes.
This Letter presents the first direct experimental measurements of the damping of toroidicity-induced Alfven eigenmodes (TAE), carried out in the JET tokamak, during the first experiments to drive these modes with antennas external to a toKamak plasma. Expand
Controlling Schottky energy barriers in organic electronic devices using self-assembled monolayers.
  • Campbell, Rubin, +5 authors Ferraris
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Physical review. B, Condensed matter
  • 15 November 1996
An approach to improve metal/organic contacts in organic electronic devices by utilizing chemically tailored electrodes is demonstrated and a physical principle for manipulating the relative energy levels between two materials is established. Expand
Sticking probabilities in adsorption from liquid solutions: alkylthiols on gold
  • Jung, Campbell
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • 29 May 2000
The sticking probability, defined as the rate of adsorption per molecular collision with the surface, directly expresses the difficulty encountered by a molecule in scaling the barrier to adsorption.Expand
Test of the gravitational redshift effect at Saturn.
The results of a test of the gravitational redshift effect at Saturn are reported and the prediction of general relativity to an accuracy of 1 percent is verified, of interest for constraining possible alternative theories of gravity. Expand
Limits on particles of small electric charge.
Experimental limits on particles of small (not necessarily rational) electric charge are considered, and may be a natural consequence of extensions of the standard model incorporating an extra U(1) gauge group associated with a mirror universe'' sector. Expand