Camilo Jiménez

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After several years of teaching programming using an active learning approach, we present our Interactive Learning Objects (ILOs) as one of the components that reinforce our pedagogical model, by supporting the generation of high-level programming skills. In this paper, we suggest a multi-dimension taxonomy for ILOs and present the experimentation developed(More)
Research on medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) over the last 55 years has led to a good understanding of the genetic defects and altered molecular pathways associated with its development. Currently, with the use of genetic testing, patients at high risk for MTC can be identified before the disease develops and offered prophylactic treatment. In cases of(More)
Cupi2 is a project that promotes an integral solution to problems in teaching/learning programming using a large and structured courseware, and a student-centered pedagogical model (Villalobos and Casallas 2006a; Villalobos et al. 2009a, b; Jiménez and Villalobos 2010). As a cornerstone of Cupi2, we use incremental projects intended to motivate students,(More)
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