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After reviewing some classical statistical hypothesis commonly used in image processing and analysis, this paper presents some statistical properties of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data. The main focus is on how these specific hypothesis deviate from the classical ones, and on the impact these deviations have on processing and analysis techniques. The(More)
Mapping of sugarcane planted area is an important information for decision making, mainly when the search for alternatives to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions has indicated the use of biofuels as a viable option. Thus, the aim of this research was to develop a methodology in order to automate the sugarcane mapping task when remote sensing data are used.(More)
Sensible and latent heat fluxes were estimated over a large tropical hydroelectric reservoir under cold front conditions. In situ and satellite data were used to adjust the bulk coefficients for momentum and heat exchanges between water and atmosphere and spatialize the sensible and latent heat fluxes over the reservoir. The results showed that during a(More)
This paper presents TerraHydro, a Distributed Hydrological System created to develop hydrographic basin water flow GIS applications. TerraHydro proposes a different computational representation for dealing with water flow in GIS applications. These applications involve the concept of local flow, extracted from terrain, which is the basis for most spatially(More)
A new computational representation for dealing with water flow in GIS applications is proposed. Different computer structures have been studied proposed and implemented and have gained a place in most of the commercial systems. Each particular local water flow data structure needs its own set of operators in order to provide support for Distributed(More)
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