Camilo Allende

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Delivery is a stressful and risky event menacing the newborn. The mother-dependent respiration has to be replaced by autonomous pulmonary breathing immediately after delivery. If delayed, it may lead to deficient oxygen supply compromising survival and development of the central nervous system. Lack of oxygen availability gives rise to depletion of NAD(+)(More)
1. The activity of the adenylyl cyclase found in the membranes of Xenopus laevis can be affected by polylysine and other polycations. 2. The activity of the catalytic subunit measured with forskolin is inhibited by polylysine and polyarginine at concentrations above 10 microM and by spermine above 3 mM. 3. The adenylyl cyclase activity stimulated by(More)
The adenylate cyclase activity of membranes of Xenopus laevis oocytes and follicle cells was affected by the presence of 2-chloro-10-(3-aminopropyl)phenothiazine (CAPP) and two other antipsychotic drugs, fluphenazine and penfluridol. CAPP, at concentrations of 10 and 100 microM, had opposite effects on the activation of the oocyte adenylate cyclase by(More)
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