Camilo Akimushkin

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Automatic identification of authorship in disputed documents has benefited from complex network theory as this approach does not require human expertise or detailed semantic knowledge. Networks modeling entire books can be used to discriminate texts from different sources and understand network growth mechanisms, but only a few studies have probed the(More)
Well-established automatic analyses of texts mainly consider frequencies of linguistic units, e.g. letters, words and bigrams, while methods based on cooccurrence networks consider the structure of texts regardless of the nodes label (i.e. the words semantics). In this paper, we reconcile these distinct viewpoints by introducing a generalized similarity(More)
Resumo: We analyze the behavior of bursts of neural activity in the Kinouchi-Copelli model, originally conceived to explain information processing issues in sensory systems. We show that, at a critical condition, power-law behavior emerges for the size and duration of the bursts (avalanches), with exponents experimentally observed in real biological systems.
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