Camillo La Mesa

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A wide number of supra-molecular association modes are observed in mixtures containing water and bile salts, BS, (with, eventually, other components). Molecular or micellar solutions transform into hydrated solids, fibres, lyotropic liquid crystals and/or gels by raising the concentration, the temperature, adding electrolytes, surfactants, lipids and(More)
Catanionic vesicles are supramolecular aggregates spontaneously forming in water by electrostatic attraction between two surfactants mixed in nonstoichiometric ratios. The outer surface charges allow adsorption to the biomembrane by electrostatic interactions. The lipoplex thus obtained penetrates the cell by endocytosis or membrane fusion. We examined the(More)
1/1 dispersions of ss-DNA/CNT complexes in mass ratios were investigated in a mixture with didodecyldimethylammonium bromide, DDAB. Depending on the amounts of the surface-active agent and of the complexes, solutions, precipitates, or re-dissolution occur. DDAB titrates the phosphate groups on the outer surface of the complex and controls the phase sequence(More)
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